Back-to-School with Bright Red

It’s hard to believe just how quickly 2019 is whizzing by. While schools have been on holiday, the Bright Red office has been buzzing with activity as we prepare for the new term. This year, we are back with a particularly large bang as we publish New Editions, new Study Guides and launch an entirely new series of Course Books! It’s a really exciting time for Bright Red now that the bulk of our backlist has been updated to reflect the latest SQA course and assessment changes and we can start publishing new material for different levels and subjects.

Student walking through two aisles of books
Pupil walking through library

This autumn our big focus is the launch of our BGE Level 3 and 4 Course Books which is new territory for us and a first from a Scottish publisher. From August, we will be publishing five new Course Books for Science, Mathematics, Business, Geography and English. We have quite a few more in the pipeline for next year too so do watch this space!

Each Course Book has been written specifically for the Curriculum of Excellence by experienced teachers who are subject experts in their own fields. They meet the Level 3 experiences and outcomes and, like all our books, they are bright, student-friendly, highly accessible and packed with bespoke Bright Red features.

We are really delighted to see how these books have come together after much market research and many months of hard work, revisions and editing. These books really do have the potential to make a real difference in the classroom and are multi-functional. Whilst they will work brilliantly in a classroom setting and give teachers some extra support, they will also be great resources for students to use at home. For any parents looking to help their child with trickier topics or more difficult pieces of homework, these books will offer excellent support. If you’re interested in finding out a little more about this series, have a read of our latest post Brightening up the Broad General Education.

Female students studying in a classroom setting
Pupils studying in class

Our BGE Course Book launch aside, we are thrilled to be publishing our eagerly awaited Advanced Higher French Study Guide on August 9th 2019! It’s the only Study Guide available at this level and we could not be happier with the finished result. It’s the perfect study companion to this challenging course and will help students get one step ahead for the new school year. We are also excited to be publishing two Media books at National 5 and Higher level. We are working towards a pre-Christmas pub date, so definitely keep an eye out for these releases and do sign up for our Media Mailing List if you’d like to stay in the loop.

Finally, there’s the matter of New Editions. For the past few months, our desks have been covered in various proofs as we bring out New Editions for Higher Geography, Higher Modern Studies, Higher Chemistry, Advanced Higher Biology, National 5 Hospitality: Practical Cake Craft and National 5 Health and Food Technology. Phew! All these titles will be publishing in the autumn term. We are so looking forward to getting these final few New Editions back on the market to offer extra support to teaching staff and students taking these subjects.

Adding into the mix, subject conferences, parents’ nights and developing new books for next year, our back-to-school period will be especially busy this year! We are incredibly thankful however for all the support we’ve had so far again this year that makes publishing all these books possible. Receiving such positive feedback, makes this process so rewarding and we love hearing how our books have helped students reach their potential or made a teacher’s life that little bit easier in the classroom.

Classroom Snapshot
Students sitting in a classroom

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