Introducing the brightest team around

We are a small, but perfectly formed, team of six and we manage every part of our publishing process from right here in Scotland. We have a wee office in Edinburgh where all the commissioning, editing, publishing, and marketing takes place and a warehouse in beautiful Fife.

Here’s a little bit about each of us and how we ended up working for Scotland’s brightest educational publishing company.

Meet the Bright Red Directors

John MacPherson

Meandering through too many years in higher education, John accidentally fell into the world of publishing at the start of the millennium.  After five years working at the educational publishing coalface, he found himself in the role of Commissioning Editor and ready to take on something a bit more demanding.  With global financial meltdown on the horizon in late 2007, he decided the timing was perfect to start an exciting new publishing company!  John is involved in all aspects of the business but probably busiest when commissioning new titles and developing digital products.

John lives in rural Fife, loves chopping wood and running up hills and can’t wait to get a dog.

Alan Grierson

After a short, unfulfilling stint in banking, Alan studied Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University before embarking on a much more rewarding career in the world of books. First port of call was the literary hotspot of Edinburgh’s new town and a brief sojourn amongst the shelves of the much missed Stockbridge bookshop. Before long, the bright lights of London town and a job with the venerable Butterworth & Co tempted Alan southwards. Alan became well versed in all things editorial and production and he humbly accepted the promotions that came his way. After a decade of toiling in the big smoke, Alan followed his heart and went home to be with his girl from the north country!

They are now happily married with two children and a succession of dwarf Russian hamsters, and live on the edge of the Pentland hills. When not working or spending time with his family, Alan likes to don a fancy shirt and socialise with pals or join his fellow Tartan Army footsoldiers on their high jinks around Europe.

Meet the Creative Director

Caleb Rutherford

A splendid round trip: Finger painting in Turnhouse, potato print in Aden, paper collage in Gloucester, blow painting in Cyprus, paper mache in Musselburgh, some serious drawing in Dunblane, colourful etching in Edinburgh, nurturing screen printing techniques in Northampton and then back to Edinburgh to dive into the working world of art and design.

Inspiration, passion, a love of colour and the odd doodle or two are the staples which keep me going through juggling deadlines, late nights (and there have been many), crazy design briefs and fortunately a full work load which encompasses sectors such as retail, private and public organisations… and of course publishing. Passionate about books in all their forms, I have even taken up book binding… who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Meet our Warehouse Manager

Ian White

Ian joined the Bright Red team around nine years ago and has been with us ever since! He is in charge of the warehouse and all of its outgoings in beautiful Fife. In his spare time he is a keen photographer (check out our Instagram page that features much of his photography), enjoys a weekend fishing trip and a good cup of coffee. He also has a talent for up-cycling furniture and can fix almost anything.

Meet our Development Editor

Laura Borrelli

Laura was working through her BA in Modern Languages in Italy when she first came across the beautiful world of editing, and it only took her a few freelance projects to decide it was time to move to Edinburgh and get a proper Master’s degree in publishing.

After spending a year working as a freelancer for educational projects and perfecting her apple crumble recipe, she joined the Bright Red Publishing team and can now be found hyping about new digital content or fussing about which pasta shape goes best with pesto.

Meet our Marketing Executive

Jo Fuller

Since graduating from the University of Bristol in 2015, Jo spent two years working both in America and in a school in leafy Surrey before deciding to take a job in marketing for a London publishing house.

After a while of bustling London life, she followed her heart up to Edinburgh and took a job at Bright Red Publishing as a Marketing Executive, where she can be found creating exciting campaigns and drinking copious amounts of tea.

She is a keen photographer, plant enthusiastic and avid book reader.

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