Book of the month | Advanced Higher English Study Guide

Last month, we added to our Advanced Higher list and published a new Study Guide for Advanced Higher English, which is our July book of the month. We now have six Study Guides at this level and are delighted to have many more in the pipeline. Our Advanced Higher English Study Guide has been written by two experienced authors, Dr Christopher Nicol and Dr Sandra Percy, who are subject experts in this field of study.

Dr Christopher Nicol is also one of our bestselling authors – having written both our National 5 English Study Guide and Higher English Study Guide. He is also the author of our new National 5 English Course Book which publishes next month (August 2018).

About the Advanced Higher English Course

Although Advanced Higher English is a challenging course, there is no need for students to feel daunted by it. Our Advanced Higher English Study Guide will expertly guide pupils through the course, building their confidence and helping them to develop their analytical skills and knowledge of structure, form and language.

Advanced Higher English sample spread
Advanced Higher English Study Guide Introduction Sample pages

Like the course itself, our Advanced Higher English Study Guide is divided into four sections:

  • Dissertation Production
  • Portfolio Writing
  • Textual Analysis
  • Literary Study

The course invites four different tasks which pose four distinct challenges and there are three main threads running through each of them, which are understanding, analysis and evaluation.

Each section of our Advanced Higher Study Guide indicates what the assessment requires and then suggests practical methods of preparing for each challenge in each area. There are worked examples throughout the Study Guide that highlight the key points being made and the model ways to answer questions.

There is the opportunity for extra practice at the end of each chapter and there are helpful ‘Don’t forget’ pointers throughout that give reminders of essential facts and information. There are also ‘Things to do and think about’ boxes that make helpful suggestions about various preparatory exercises.

Advanced English Study Guide sample
Sample from our Advanced Higher English Study Guide

Why buy our Advanced Higher English Study Guide?

  • It’s bright, study-friendly and closely follows the course structure so students can use it alongside their studies
  • Offers comprehensive coverage of the course, explaining how to approach the portfolio and dissertation and how to comment intelligently and successfully in the textual analysis and literary study.
  • It includes top tips for revision, explains how to take notes effectively and what the criteria of success is.
  • It’s the perfect (and only) revision companion for this challenging course!
Sample spread
Sample Spread from our Advanced Higher English Study Guide

Take a look at our sample pages here and visit our online shop here to pick up a copy. You can also give us a ring on, 0131 220 5804 – we are always happy to help!


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